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Sample Questions

Realexamdumps Providing most updated Alibaba Developer Question Answers. Here are a few sample questions:

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 1

If a user finds that the Content Delivery Network (CDN) cache hit rate is low, what could be the reason? (Number of correct answers: 3)


A. When the website has low traffic, the CDN will receive fewer requests and this will result in a lower cache hit rate.
B. Insufficient bandwidth was selected when enabling the CDN service, causing the service capacity reach its limit too early.
C. HTTP Header settings may cause cache misses.
D. The origin site has a large number of dynamic resources.
E. Cache configuration is inappropriate (ex. overly short Cache Expiry Time for popular files).

Answer: A, B, F

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 2

When a developer uses the LogGroup function to package multiple logs and writes data through the API/SDK of the Log Service, it receives error code 403 or 500 continiously. What are the possible reasons?


A. The "Topic" data field is empty
B. The log size written to log group is less than 5MB
C. The target partition in the Logstore is not specified
D. Insufficient space in the Logstore partition

Answer: E

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 3

A developer is making the ModifyDDInstanceSpec API call to change the specifications of an RDS instance, but the operation fails. Why could this be? (Number of correct answers: 3)


A. The instance is in the running state
B. No instance type (specification) was included in the request parameters
C. The instance has a backup task being executed
D. The targeted RDS instance is a disaster recovery instance

Answer: A, B, D

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 4

By default Function Compute cannot access resources within a VPC network group. To enable Function Compute to access resources located in a VPC, which of the following parameters needs to be configured? (Number of correct answers: 3)


A. vpcld
B. vSwitchlds
C. securityGroupId

Answer: A, B, C Explanation: Explanation: Specifies whether to allow functions to access VPC resources.On: Functions can access VPC resources.If you turn on the switch, you must set the following Functions cannot access VPC resources.

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 5

Which of the following permission control policies does Object Storage Service (OSS) provide for access to objects stored in a bucket? (Number of correct answers: 4)


B. RAM Policy
C. Bucket Policy
D. STS authorization
E. Dynamic blacklist
F. Object Policy
G. IntranetAccess

Answer: A, C, D, G

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 6

By default, Function Compute creates an instance for each request Function compute allows you to create multiple instances concurrently to reduce costs and improve execution efficiency Which of the following scenarios is NOT suitable for enabling the feature of handling multiple requests on a single instance? (Number of correct answers: 2)


A. The function has a shared state and cannot be accessed concurrently.
B. Requests are waiting for responses from the downstream service for an extended period of time.
C. A request consumes a large amount of CPU and memory resources.
D. Functions processes independent data objects.

Answer: A, C

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 7

Which of the following parameter locations should be specified for the parameter of key1 where the request URL is in the form: =[value1] ?


A. Parameter Path
B. Query
C. HTTP Header
D. HTTP Body

Answer: B

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 8

Which of the following features are unique to Alibaba Cloud Container Registry, as compared with Docker Hub? (Number of correct answers: 2)


A. Container Registry can automatically build new Docker images when source code changes.
B. For source code hosted on websites outside China, Container Registry can use servers outside China to build Docker images, even when you are using a Container Registry instance in Mainland China.
C. You can create and delete image repositories in different regions based on your needs.
D. You can set your image repository access to public or private.

Answer: B, E

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 9

You can use Alibaba Cloud Data transmission service (DTS) or the open source tool Redis-shake to migrate and synchronize data from a local Redis instance to an Alibaba Cloud Redis instance. What is one feature which DTS has but Redis-shake does not?


A. Full data migration
B. Incremental data migration
C. One-way data synchronization
D. Two-way data synchronization

Answer: B

Alibaba ACA-Developer Sample Question 10

Assume that a company uses ApsaraDB for PolarDB. The company commonly queries users based on their basic information, including: addresses, company names, and ID numbers. In this scenario, what is the best practice for creating a database index (or indexes)?


A. Create a b-tree index on each column to be searched.
B. Create a hash index on each column to be searched.
C. Create a gin index for multiple fields.
D. Create a gist index for multiple fields.

Answer: B

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