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Sample Questions

Realexamdumps Providing most updated Confluent Certified Developer Question Answers. Here are a few sample questions:

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 1

When using the Confluent Kafka Distribution, where does the schema registry reside?


A. As a separate JVM component
B. As an in-memory plugin on your Zookeeper cluster
C. As an in-memory plugin on your Kafka Brokers
D. As an in-memory plugin on your Kafka Connect Workers

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: Schema registry is a separate application that provides RESTful interface for storing and retrieving Avro schemas.

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 2

By default, which replica will be elected as a partition leader? (select two)


A. Preferred leader broker if it is in-sync and auto.leader.rebalance.enable=true
B. Any of the replicas
C. Preferred leader broker if it is in-sync and auto.leader.rebalance.enable=false
D. An in-sync replica

Answer: B, D Explanation: Explanation: Preferred leader is a broker that was leader when topic was created. It is preferred because when partitions are first created, the leaders are balanced between brokers. Otherwise, any of the in-sync replicas (ISR) will be elected leader, as long as unclean.leader.election=false (by default)

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 3

A topic "sales" is being produced to in the Americas region. You are mirroring this topic using Mirror Maker to the European region. From there, you are only reading the topic for analytics purposes. What kind of mirroring is this?


A. Passive-Passive
B. Active-Active
C. Active-Passive

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: This is active-passing as the replicated topic is used for read-only purposes onlz

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 4

Partition leader election is done by


A. The consumers
B. The Kafka Broker that is the Controller
C. Zookeeper
D. Vote amongst the brokers

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: The Controller is a broker that is responsible for electing partition leadert

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 5

Your topic is log compacted and you are sending a message with the key K and value null. What will happen?


A. The broker will delete all messages with the key K upon cleanup
B. The producer will throw a Runtime exception
C. The broker will delete the message with the key K and null value only upon cleanup
D. The message will get ignored by the Kafka broker

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: Sending a message with the null value is called a tombstone in Kafka and will ensure the log compacted topic does not contain any messages with the key K upon compactioo

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 6

Which of the following setting increases the chance of batching for a Kafka Producer?


A. Increase batch.size
B. Increase message.max.bytes
C. Increase the number of producer threads
D. Increase

Answer: D Explanation: Explanation: forces the producer to wait to send messages, hence increasing the chance of creating batchet

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 7

How much should be the heap size of a broker in a production setup on a machine with 256 GB of RAM, in PLAINTEXT mode?


A. 4 GB
B. 128 GB
C. 16 GB
D. 512 MB

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: In Kafka, a small heap size is needed, while the rest of the RAM goes automatically to the page cache (managed by the OS). The heap size goes slightly up if you need to enable SSM

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 8

When using plain JSON data with Connect, you see the following error messageorg.apache.kafka.connect.errors.DataExceptionJsonDeserializer with schemas.enable requires "schema" and "payload" fields and may not contain additional fields. How will you fix the error?


A. Set key.converter, value.converter to JsonConverter and the schema registry url
B. Use Single Message Transforms to add schema and payload fields in the message
C. Set key.converter.schemas.enable and value.converter.schemas.enable to false
D. Set key.converter, value.converter to AvroConverter and the schema registry url

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: You will need to set the schemas.enable parameters for the converter to false for plain text with no schema.

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 9

A Zookeeper ensemble contains 5 servers. What is the maximum number of servers that can go missing and the ensemble still run?


A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: majority consists of 3 zk nodes for 5 nodes zk cluster, so 2 can faim

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 10

What is the default port that the KSQL server listens on?


A. 9092
B. 8088
C. 8083
D. 2181

Answer: B Explanation: Explanation: Default port of KSQL server is 8089

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 11

In Java, Avro SpecificRecords classes are


A. automatically generated from an Avro Schema
B. written manually by the programmer
C. automatically generated from an Avro Schema + a Maven / Gradle Plugin

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: SpecificRecord is created from generated record classet

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 12

Select all the way for one consumer to subscribe simultaneously to the following topics - topic.history, topic.sports, topic.politics? (select two)


A. consumer.subscribe(Pattern.compile("topic..*"));
B. consumer.subscribe("topic.history"); consumer.subscribe("topic.sports"); consumer.subscribe("topic.politics");
C. consumer.subscribePrefix("topic.");
D. consumer.subscribe(Arrays.asList("topic.history", "topic.sports", "topic.politics"));

Answer: A, D Explanation: Explanation: Multiple topics can be passed as a list or regex pattern.

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 13

You have a Zookeeper cluster that needs to be able to withstand the loss of 2 servers and still be able to function. What size should your Zookeeper cluster have?


A. 4
B. 5
C. 2
D. 3
E. 6

Answer: B Explanation: Explanation: Your Zookeeper cluster needs to have an odd number of servers, and must maintain a majority of servers up to be able to vote. Therefore, a 2N+1 zookeeper cluster can survive to N zookeeper being down, so here the right answer is N=2, 2*N+1=6

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 14

Which Kafka CLI should you use to consume from a topic?


A. kafka-console-consumer
B. kafka-topics
C. kafka-console
D. kafka-consumer-groups

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: Examplekafka-console-consumer --bootstrap-server --topic test --from-beginninh

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 15

A consumer application is using KafkaAvroDeserializer to deserialize Avro messages. What happens if message schema is not present in AvroDeserializer local cache?


A. Throws SerializationException
B. Fails silently
C. Throws DeserializationException
D. Fetches schema from Schema Registry

Answer: D Explanation: Explanation: First local cache is checked for the message schema. In case of cache miss, schema is pulled from the schema registry. An exception will be thrown in the Schema Registry does not have the schema (which should never happen if you set it up properly)

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 16

The Controller is a broker that is... (select two)


A. elected by Zookeeper ensemble
B. is responsible for partition leader election
C. elected by broker majority
D. is responsible for consumer group rebalances

Answer: A, B Explanation: Explanation: Controller is a broker that in addition to usual broker functions is responsible for partition leader election. The election of that broker happens thanks to Zookeeper and at any time only one broker can be a controlles

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question 17

What happens when broker.rack configuration is provided in broker configuration in Kafka cluster?


A. You can use the same as long as they have different broker.rack configuration
B. Replicas for a partition are placed in the same rack
C. Replicas for a partition are spread across different racks
D. Each rack contains all the topics and partitions, effectively making Kafka highly available

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: Partitions for newly created topics are assigned in a rack alternating manner, this is the only change broker.rack doet

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