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Sample Questions

Realexamdumps Providing most updated DCPP Question Answers. Here are a few sample questions:

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 1

With reference to APEC privacy framework, when personal information is to be transferred to another person or organization, whether domestically or internationally, “the ______________ should obtain the consent of the individual and exercise due diligence and take reasonable steps to ensure that the recipient person or organization will protect the information consistently with APEC information privacy principles”.


A. Personal Information Owner
B. Personal Information Controller
C. Personal Information Processor
D. Personal Information Auditor

Answer: B Explanation: Explanation: References:

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 2

Effective 2013, HIPAA Omnibus rule applies to which of the following?


A. Covered Entities only
B. Business Associates only
C. Covered Entities & Business Associates
D. Federal Health Bodies only

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: The final Omnibus Rule becomes effective on March 26, 2013. Covered entities and Business AssociatesReferences:

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 3

From the below listed options, identify the new privacy principle that is being advocated in proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation?


A. Right to be informed prior to sharing of data
B. Right to modify data
C. Right to be forgotten
D. Right to object data collection and processing

Answer: D

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 4

APPI, the Act for the Protection of Personal Information, applies to:


A. Government entities using personal information
B. Personal Information about an individual that is used by a business
C. None of the above

Answer: B Explanation: Explanation: ExplanationThe APPI is applicable to all businesses handling personal information for business use; however, national government, local governments and incorporated administrative agencies are excluded from the scope. The APPI is applicable to businesses in or outside Japan that collect personal information of Japanese citizens.

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 5

How does the APEC privacy framework differ from the EU Data Protection Directive in the following way?


A. As part of APEC, member countries do not need to sign binding treaties or directives on privacy
B. Personal information is not covered by the APEC privacy framework
C. Members of APEC do not cooperate with each other in the enforcement of privacy laws
D. APEC provides no regulations on e-commerce

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: ExplanationEU binds treaties but not APEC.

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 6

According to EU authorities, which country has yet to receive adequacy status?


A. Argentina
B. Canada
C. Brazil
D. New Zealand

Answer: D

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 7

Health insurance firm based in the US uses BPM services provided by an Indian company. It was found that one of the employees of the Indian company exported customer data of the insurance company to another US-based insurance company. Under which of the below ground, the company and its executives in India were also subjected to legal action ?


A. These actions were not avoided by using data loss prevention tools.
B. No reasonable security practices were implemented to protect data.
C. Employees of the company were allowed to view sensitive personal information.
D. Background checks were not conducted on the individuals.

Answer: B Explanation: Explanation: ExplanationHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Defines two types of controls – required and addressable. Required controls are mandatory for covered entities but for ‘addressable’ controls entities need to assess whether each implementation specification is a reasonable and appropriate safeguard in its environment, when analyzed with reference to the likely contribution to protecting the entity’s electronic protected health information.

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 8

If XYZ & Co. collects, stores and processes personal information of living persons, electronically in a structured filing system, then XYZ could be a:


A. Data Processor
B. Data Controller
C. Data Subject
D. Either A or B

Answer: C

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 9

Technological advancement is inevitable and the speed of change is exponential. In such a scenario, which of the following statement is not true for defining the relationship between privacy protection and technology advancement, both at individual and corporate levels?


A. Maintaining privacy is difficult with emerging platforms and services
B. Maintaining privacy is difficult, as exercising complete control over personal information in online environment is an uphill task
C. Technology advancements and privacy protection are independent concepts that are not related
D. Maintaining privacy in cyberspace becomes easier with proper use of tools and technologies

Answer: C

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 10

Company A collects and stores information from people X & Y on behalf of company B. Which of the following statements are true?


A. A is the data controller since it collects data directly from X & Y
B. B is the data controller while A is the sub processor as B has outsourced the data collection and processing to A
C. B is the data controller that uses A as data processor to collect and process data of data subjects X and Y
D. Both A & B are data controllers since both need to maintain highest principles of data protection

Answer: D

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 11

Which of the following statement about Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is true?


A. PII is necessarily a single data element, not a combination of data elements, which can uniquely identify an individual
B. PII is a subset of Sensitive Personal Information
C. PII is any information about a legal entity including details of its registration or any information that may allow its easy identification
D. None of the above

Answer: D

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 12

Which one of the following is considered as the first step of evolution in the formation of today’s concept of privacy?


A. Fundamental civil liberty
B. Universal declaration of human rights
C. Right to be left alone
D. Binding corporate rules

Answer: D

DSCI DCPP-01 Sample Question 13

When an individual has choice to decide on who else can have access to their personal information, it is called


A. Information Privacy
B. Physical Privacy
C. Social Privacy
D. Psychological Privacy

Answer: B

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