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Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer
218 Questions
Last Update Date : 21 May, 2024
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Detail Information
Total Time 4 hours
Exam Fee $575 for ISACA members, $760 for non-members
Passing Marks 450 out of 800
Available Languages English
Prerequisites None, but recommended to have at least five years of experience in data privacy
Exam Format Multiple-choice questions
Exam Domains
  • Data Privacy Governance
  • Data Privacy Architecture
  • Data Privacy Operations
  • Data Privacy Engineering


Domain Percentage Topics
Data Privacy Governance 25%
  • Establish and maintain a data privacy program
  • Develop and manage data privacy policies and standards
  • Ensure accountability and responsibility for data privacy
  • Manage data privacy risk and compliance
Data Privacy Architecture 30%
  • Design and implement data privacy solutions
  • Integrate data privacy requirements into systems and processes
  • Implement privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs)
  • Design and implement data protection mechanisms
Data Privacy Operations 30%
  • Operationalize data privacy controls and measures
  • Monitor and report on data privacy incidents
  • Manage data subject requests and privacy inquiries
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with data privacy regulations
Data Privacy Engineering 15%
  • Apply data privacy principles in system development lifecycle
  • Embed privacy into data lifecycle management
  • Develop and implement data privacy solutions
  • Integrate privacy by design and default

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Sample Questions

Realexamdumps Providing most updated Isaca certification Question Answers. Here are a few sample questions:

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 1

Which of the following is the PRIMARY reason that organizations need to map the data flows of personal data?


A. To assess privacy risks
B. To evaluate effectiveness of data controls
C. To determine data integration gaps
D. To comply with regulations

Answer: B

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 2

Which of the following is a PRIMARY consideration to protect against privacy violations when utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) driven business decisions?


A. De-identifying the data to be analyzed
B. Verifying the data subjects have consented to the processing
C. Defining the intended objectives
D. Ensuring proper data sets are used to train the models

Answer: C

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 3

In which of the following should the data record retention period be defined and established?


A. Data record model
B. Data recovery procedures
C. Data quality standard
D. Data management plan

Answer: D Explanation: Reference: [Reference:, ]

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 4

When a government’s health division established the complete privacy regulation for only the health market, which privacy protection reference model is being used?


A. Co-regulatory
B. Sectoral
C. Comprehensive
D. Self-regulatory

Answer: C Explanation: Reference: [Reference:, ]

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 5

Which of the following is the BEST approach for a local office of a global organization faced with multiple privacy-related compliance requirements?


A. Focus on developing a risk action plan based on audit reports.
B. Focus on requirements with the highest organizational impact.
C. Focus on global compliance before meeting local requirements.
D. Focus on local standards before meeting global compliance.

Answer: E

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 6

Which of the following should be the FIRST consideration when conducting a privacy impact assessment (PIA)?


A. The applicable privacy legislation
B. The quantity of information within the scope of the assessment
C. The systems in which privacy-related data is stored
D. The organizational security risk profile

Answer: C Explanation: Reference: [Reference:, ]

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 7

An organization is creating a personal data processing register to document actions taken with personal data. Which of the following categories should document controls relating to periods of retention for personal data?


A. Data archiving
B. Data storage
C. Data acquisition
D. Data input

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: However, the risks associated with long-term retention have compelled organizations to consider alternatives; one is data archival, the process of preparing data for long-term storage. When organizations are bound by specific laws to retain data for many years, archival provides a viable opportunity to remove data from online transaction systems to other systems or media.

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 8

Which of the following features should be incorporated into an organization’s technology stack to meet privacy requirements related to the rights of data subjects to control their personal data?


A. Providing system engineers the ability to search and retrieve data
B. Allowing individuals to have direct access to their data
C. Allowing system administrators to manage data access
D. Establishing a data privacy customer service bot for individuals

Answer: B Explanation: Explanation: Any organization collecting information about EU residents is required to operate with transparency in collecting and using their personal information. Chapter III of the GDPR defines eight data subject rights that have become foundational for other privacy regulations around the world:Right to access personal data. Data subjects can access the data collected on them.

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 9

Which of the following is MOST important when designing application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable mobile device applications to access personal data?


A. The user’s ability to select, filter, and transform data before it is shared
B. Umbrella consent for multiple applications by the same developer
C. User consent to share personal data
D. Unlimited retention of personal data by third parties

Answer: D

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 10

Which of the following should be done FIRST to establish privacy to design when developing a contact-tracing application?


A. Conduct a privacy impact assessment (PIA).
B. Conduct a development environment review.
C. Identify privacy controls for the application.
D. Identify differential privacy techniques.

Answer: E

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 11

During which of the following system lifecycle stages is it BEST to conduct a privacy impact assessment (PIA) on a system that holds personal data?


A. Functional testing
B. Development
C. Production
D. User acceptance testing (UAT)

Answer: B

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 12

A global financial institution is implementing data masking technology to protect personal data used for testing purposes in non-production environments. Which of the following is the GREATEST challenge in this situation?


A. Access to personal data is not strictly controlled in development and testing environments.
B. Complex relationships within and across systems must be retained for testing.
C. Personal data across the various interconnected systems cannot be easily identified.
D. Data masking tools are complex and difficult to implement.

Answer: E

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 13

Which of the following BEST enables an IT privacy practitioner to ensure appropriate protection for personal data collected that is required to provide necessary services?


A. Understanding the data flows within the organization
B. Implementing strong access controls on a need-to-know basis
C. Anonymizing privacy data during collection and recording
D. Encrypting the data throughout its life cycle

Answer: A Explanation: Reference: [Reference:, ]

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 14

Which key stakeholder within an organization should be responsible for approving the outcomes of a privacy impact assessment (PIA)?


A. Data custodian
B. Privacy data analyst
C. Data processor
D. Data owner

Answer: D Explanation: Reference: [Reference:, ]

Isaca CDPSE Sample Question 15

Which of the following is the MOST important consideration to ensure privacy when using big data analytics?


A. Maintenance of archived data
B. Disclosure of how the data is analyzed
C. Transparency about the data being collected
D. Continuity with business requirements

Answer: C Explanation: Reference: [Reference:, ]

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