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Realexamdumps Providing most updated Architect Exams Question Answers. Here are a few sample questions:

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 1

What does a follower of Heroku Postgres leader database provide?


A. A static snapshot of the leader
B. A in-memory snapshot of the leader.
C. A read-only replica of the leader.
D. A writable replica of the leader.

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: -https://devcenter.heroku.eom/articles/rieroku-corinect-database-tables#encrypted-stringt

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 2

Universal Containers (UC) has a front-end web application and a back-end service application running on Heroku. The applications are running in the Common Runtime. Now, UC wants to prevent any public access to the back-end application. Which two Heroku features should an Architect propose?


A. Private Space VPN Connections
B. Private Spaces DNS Service Discovery
C. Heroku Internal Routing
D. Apache Kafka on Heroku

Answer: A, B Explanation: Explanation: - https //devcenterherokucom/articles/dataclipt

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 3

To satisfy the requirements of an upcoming compliance audit, a client must provide a record of all interactive commands run against a production application in the last six months. Which Heroku feature should an Architect recommend to help with this use case?


A. Heroku Shield keystroke logging
B. Dataclips
C. Private Space Logging
D. SSH tunneling using Heroku Exec

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: -

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 4

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of Salesforce Connect overETL?


A. The data is always fetched on demand
B. If the origin is offline, the data is still available via Salesforce Connect.
C. Standard protocols like OData can easily proxy external data into Salesforce.
D. Data security can be enforced using per-user or per-application authentication.

Answer: C

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 5

What are the three access levels a user can have in a Heroku Organization account?


A. Jedi. Padawan, and Co-pilot
B. Owner, Author and Viewer
C. Admin. Programmer, and Operator
D. Admin, Member, and Viewer

Answer: E

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 6

What are 3 examples of backing services, as described in the Twelve Factor app methodology?


A. A database
B. A logging tool
C. An email delivery service
D. A background process with a long running task

Answer: A, B, C Explanation: Explanation: - https/Vdevcenter

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 7


A. Universal Containers is building a new marketing website on Heroku. They want to capture user information on the site and have that data flow into Salesforce for followup.Which Heroku features should an Architectrecommend to accomplish this?
B. Heroku Conned and Heroku Postgres.
C. HeroKu Private Spaces and Private Space Peering.
D. Heroku Redis and Heroku Teams.
E. Heroku Dataclips and the Heroku Platform API.

Answer: B

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 8

Universal Containers (UC) has a Heroku Postgres database attached to a Heroku app, which is running in the Common Runtime.

What should an Architect recommend UC do to secure their database to only trusted locations?


A. Move the database and the app into the Private Space.
B. Add a Trusted IP range tothe Heroku Postgres configuration.
C. Set up a VPN from the trusted locations to the app.
D. Set up a VPC in a one-off dyno when access to Heroku Postgres is needed.

Answer: C

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 9

Universal Containers has an application running in the Common Runtime that uses Heroku Redis. The data in Heroku Redis needs to be accessed by a third-party application.

Whichconnection method should an Architect recommend to ensure the security of the data as it moves from Heroku Redis to the third-party application?


A. Use stunnel to secure the connection between Heroku Redis and the third-party application.
B. Set up SSL Certificates on Heroku and the third-party application.
C. Only allow access to Heroku Redis through an SSH connection.
D. Set up both a VPN and a VPC between Heroku and the third-party application.

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: -

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 10

Universal Containers has multipleHeroku applications that use the same Heroku Postgres database. One of those applications, SFDC-sync. uses Heroku Connect to sync the data between a Salesforce org and the Heroku Postgres database. If the SFDC-sync app Is deleted. Heroku Connect will stopsyncing data. What is another consequence of deleting the SFDC-sync app?


A. All tables synced with Heroku Connect will be removed from the Heroku Postgres database
B. Existing data will remain in both locations.
C. All synced objects will be removed from the Salesforce org
D. All tables will be removed from the Heroku Postgre database

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: -https://devcenter.heroku.eom/articles/privale-spaces#lrusted-ip-ranget

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 11

A client is writing a Heroku application that requirescompliance with PCI DSS Level 1. To accomplish this, they deploy an application to the Shield Private Space. Which statement is true about the application?


A. The application might still violate PCI DSS Level 1 even though it is deployed to a Shield Private Space
B. The Shield Private Space guarantees that the application is compliant with PCI DSS Level 1, assuming the application uses only Shield Postgres databases
C. The application is definitely not compliant with PCI DSS Level 1. because Shield PrivateSpaces do not provide compliance with it.
D. The Shield Private Space guarantees that the application is compliant with PCI DSS Level 1

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: - https;//devcenter.herokuxom/articles/usjng-sso-services-witri-heroku#prerequisites-for-sso-with-herokv

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 12

A client has a web application that persists data to a local JSON file. They are migrating the application to Heroku. In order for the application to conform to the Twelve-Factor methodology, what changes should an Architect recommend?


A. The application should persist the data to a database add-on.
B. The application should persist the data to a local SQLite database.
C. The application should use at least 2 dynos to ensure that the JSON file is highly available.
D. The application should be stateless and therefore not persist data at all.

Answer: B

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 13

How arelanguages, buildpacks, and slugs related?


A. A slug and a buildpack are sandwiched together between several Heroku add-ons, and the result Is a new open-source language.
B. A slug is a shortened version of a language that compiles down into a buildpack
C. A buildpack knows how to compile code in a specific language down to a slug that runs on Heroku
D. A language uses a slug to deploy buildpacks as a service across the entire Salesforce Platform.

Answer: D

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 14

A client needs to securely connect a Heroku app to a database on their on-premise network. Which two Heroku Enterprise features should an Architect consider?


A. Private Space Peering
B. SSLEndpoint
C. Heroku Private Spaces
D. Private Space VPN Connections

Answer: C, D Explanation: Explanation: -

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 15

Universal Containers wants to process mobile payments. How can this requirement be met?


A. Install an AppExchange package
B. Create a custom payments object
C. Add a custom field to store the credit card number
D. Attach a picture of thecredit card.

Answer: B

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 16

Universal Containers wants their Field Technicians to indicate if any of their Service Appointments are at risk of not being completed on time. They would like forthis to be achieved on a mobile device using a Quick Action

What should a Consultant recommend to achieve this requirement?


A. Update the Service Appointment Status field.
B. Update the Service Appointment Chatter feed.
C. Reschedule the Service Appointment for later
D. Update the Service Appointment field "In Jeopardy"

Answer: B

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 17

A customer wants to sync data between their Salesforce org and Heroku Postgres.

Which two limitations should an Architect remember when recommending Heroku Connect? (Choose two.)


A. HerokuConnect can only access fields and objects that its associated Salesforce integration user can access.
B. Heroku Connect does not support all Salesforce objects and fields.
C. Heroku Connect does not provide an API.
D. Heroku Connect cannot sync custom objects.

Answer: A, C Explanation: Explanation: References:

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Question 18

Dispatchers at Universal Containers want to ensure the Resource being assigned to a Work Order has the correct training.

What should a Consultant implement to accomplish this requirement?


A. Set up Skill Requirements. DefineWork Types. Set up Routing Rules
B. Define Skills, Set up Skill Requirements, and Set up Resource Skills
C. Set up Service Locations, Set up Location Skills. Define work Types
D. Define Work Types, Define Work Order Status. Set up Resource Skills

Answer: C

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