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Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
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Sample Questions

Realexamdumps Providing most updated Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate Question Answers. Here are a few sample questions:

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 1

You need to implement a solution to resolve the retail store location data issue.

Which three Azure Blob features should you enable? Each correct answer presents pan ol the solution.

NOTE Each correct selection is worth one point


A. Immutability
B. Snapshots
C. Versioning
D. Soft delete
E. Object replication
F. Change feed

Answer: C, D, F Explanation: Explanation: Scenario: You must perform a point-in-time restoration of the retail store location data due to an unexpected and accidental deletion of data.Before you enable and configure point-in-time restore, enable its prerequisites for the storage account: soft delete, change feed, and blob versioning.Reference: [Reference:,, , , ]

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 2

You need to secure the Azure Functions to meet the security requirements.

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


A. Store the RSA-HSM key in Azure Cosmos DB. Apery the built-in policies for customer-managed keys and allowed locations.
B. Create a free tier Azure App Configuration instance with a new Azure AD service principal.
C. Store the RSA-HSM key in Azure Key Vault with soft-delete and purge-protection features enabled.
D. Store the RSA-HSM key in Azure Blob storage with an Immutability policy applied to the container.
E. Create a standard tier Azure App Configuration instance with an assigned Azure AD managed identity.

Answer: C, E Explanation: Explanation: Scenario: All Azure Functions must centralize management and distribution of configuration data for different environments and geographies, encrypted by using a company-provided RSA-HSM key.Microsoft Azure Key Vault is a cloud-hosted management service that allows users to encrypt keys and small secrets by using keys that are protected by hardware security modules (HSMs).You need to create a managed identity for your application.Reference: [Reference:,, , , ]

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 3

You need to audit the retail store sales transactions.

What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


A. Update the retail store location data upload process to include blob index tags. Create an Azure Function to process the blob index tags and filter by store location
B. Enable blob versioning for the storage account. Use an Azure Function to process a list of the blob versions per day.
C. Process an Azure Storage blob inventory report by using an Azure Function. Create rule filters on the blob inventory report,
D. Subscribe to blob storage events by using an Azure Function and Azure Event Grid. Filter the events by store location.
E. Process the change feed logs of the Azure Blob storage account by using an Azure Function. Specify a time range for the change feed data.

Answer: D, E Explanation: Explanation: Scenario: Audit store sale transaction information nightly to validate data, process sales financials, and reconcile inventory."Process the change feed logs of the Azure Blob storage account by using an Azure Function. Specify a time range for the change feed data": Change feed support is well-suited for scenarios that process data based on objects that have changed. For example, applications can:Store, audit, and analyze changes to your objects, over any period of time, for security, compliance or intelligence for enterprise data management."Subscribe to blob storage events by using an Azure Function and Azure Event Grid. Filter the events by store location": Azure Storage events allow applications to react to events, such as the creation and deletion of blobs. It does so without the need for complicated code or expensive and inefficient polling services. The best part is you only pay for what you use.Blob storage events are pushed using Azure Event Grid to subscribers such as Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, or even to your own http listener. Event Grid provides reliable event delivery to your applications through rich retry policies and dead-lettering.Reference: [Reference:,, ,, , , ]

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 4

You need to ensure that the solution can meet the scaling requirements for Policy Service.

Which Azure Application Insights data model should you use?


A. an Application Insights dependency
B. an Application Insights event
C. an Application Insights trace
D. an Application Insights metric

Answer: D Explanation: Explanation: Application Insights provides three additional data types for custom telemetry:Trace - used either directly, or through an adapter to implement diagnostics logging using an instrumentationframework that is familiar to you, such as Log4Net or System.Diagnostics.Event - typically used to capture user interaction with your service, to analyze usage patterns.Metric - used to report periodic scalar measurements.Scenario:Policy service must use Application Insights to automatically scale with the number of policy actions that it isperforming.Reference: [Reference:,, , , ]

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 5

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution.

After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.

You develop a software as a service (SaaS) offering to manage photographs. Users upload photos to a web service which then stores the photos in Azure Storage Blob storage. The storage account type is General-purpose V2.

When photos are uploaded, they must be processed to produce and save a mobile-friendly version of the image. The process to produce a mobile-friendly version of the image must start in less than one minute.

You need to design the process that starts the photo processing.

Solution: Convert the Azure Storage account to a BlockBlobStorage storage account.

Does the solution meet the goal?


A. Yes
B. No

Answer: B Explanation: Explanation: Not necessary to convert the account, instead move photo processing to an Azure Function triggered from the blob upload..Azure Storage events allow applications to react to events. Common Blob storage event scenarios include image or video processing, search indexing, or any file-oriented workflow.Note: Only storage accounts of kind StorageV2 (general purpose v2) and BlobStorage support event integration. Storage (general purpose v1) does not support integration with Event Grid.Reference: [Reference:,, ]

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 6

You need to access data from the user claim object in the e-commerce web app.

What should you do first?


A. Write custom code to make a Microsoft Graph API call from the e-commerce web app.
B. Assign the Contributor RBAC role to the e-commerce web app by using the Resource Manager create role assignment API.
C. Update the e-commerce web app to read the HTTP request header values.
D. Using the Azure CLI, enable Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) from the e-commerce checkout API to the e-commerce web app.

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: Methods to Get User Identity and Claims in a .NET Azure Functions App include:ClaimsPrincipal from the Request ContextThe ClaimsPrincipal object is also available as part of the request context and can be extracted from the HttpRequest.HttpContext.User Claims from the Request Headers.App Service passes user claims to the app by using special request headers.Reference: [Reference:,, , , , ]

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 7

You need to investigate the http server log output to resolve the issue with the ContentUploadService.

Which command should you use first?


A. az webapp log
B. az ams live-output
C. az monitor activity-log
D. az container attach

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: Scenario: Users of the ContentUploadService report that they occasionally see HTTP 502 responses on specific pages."502 bad gateway" and "503 service unavailable" are common errors in your app hosted in Azure App Service.Microsoft Azure publicizes each time there is a service interruption or performance degradation.The az monitor activity-log command manages activity logs.Note: Troubleshooting can be divided into three distinct tasks, in sequential order:Observe and monitor application behaviorCollect dataMitigate the issueReference: [Reference:,, ]

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 8

You need to secure the Shipping Logic App.

What should you use?


A. Azure App Service Environment (ASE)
B. Azure AD B2B integration
C. Integration Service Environment (ISE)
D. VNet service endpoint

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: Scenario: The Shipping Logic App requires secure resources to the corporate VNet and use dedicated storage resources with a fixed costing model.You can access to Azure Virtual Network resources from Azure Logic Apps by using integration service environments (ISEs).Sometimes, your logic apps and integration accounts need access to secured resources, such as virtual machines (VMs) and other systems or services, that are inside an Azure virtual network. To set up this access, you can create an integration service environment (ISE) where you can run your logic apps and create your integration accounts.References: net-isolated-environment-overviex

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 9

You need to ensure the security policies are met.

What code do you add at line CS07 of ConfigureSSE.ps1?


A. –PermissionsToKeys create, encrypt, decrypt
B. –PermissionsToCertificates create, encrypt, decrypt
C. –PermissionsToCertificates wrapkey, unwrapkey, get
D. –PermissionsToKeys wrapkey, unwrapkey, get

Answer: B Explanation: Explanation: Scenario: All certificates and secrets used to secure data must be stored in Azure Key Vault.You must adhere to the principle of least privilege and provide privileges which are essential to perform the intended function.The Set-AzureRmKeyValutAccessPolicy parameter -PermissionsToKeys specifies an array of key operation permissions to grant to a user or service principal. The acceptable values for this parameter: decrypt, encrypt, unwrapKey, wrapKey, verify, sign, get, list, update, create, import, delete, backup, restore, recover, purgeReference: [Reference:,, , ]

Microsoft AZ-204 Sample Question 10

You need to resolve the log capacity issue.

What should you do?


A. Create an Application Insights Telemetry Filter
B. Change the minimum log level in the host.json file for the function
C. Implement Application Insights Sampling
D. Set a LogCategoryFilter during startup

Answer: C Explanation: Explanation: Scenario, the log capacity issue: Developers report that the number of log message in the trace output for the processor is too high, resulting in lost log messages.Sampling is a feature in Azure Application Insights. It is the recommended way to reduce telemetry traffic and storage, while preserving a statistically correct analysis of application data. The filter selects items that are related, so that you can navigate between items when you are doing diagnostic investigations. When metric counts are presented to you in the portal, they are renormalized to take account of the sampling, to minimize any effect on the statistics.Sampling reduces traffic and data costs, and helps you avoid throttling.Reference: [Reference:,, , ]

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